Release Announcement - iLAB HotFix v5.2.2.31

November 13, 2020

PerkinElmer Informatics is pleased to announce the newest release of the iLAB™ informatics platform, a suite of integrated solutions to meet the specific needs and challenges of QA/QC laboratories.
The iLAB solution provides a unique web based platform where data is seamlessly transferred across applications, processes are automated, controlled and documented in real time and results are reported as soon as they are available.

iLAB v5.2.2.31 addresses the following LES issues:

  • Rejecting Worksheet Does Not Clear Previous Completion.
  • Activation Control Issue on View Worksheet causes controls to clear on other pages.
  • User name is not captured in LES.
  • LES Approval shows blank PDF if final and reviewer reports are disabled.
  • The STI control is rendered in the PDF even though it is hidden on the form.
  • Canceling out of a worksheet does not check in the user.
  • System is allowing test approvals at both LES and ST levels.
  • Searching within ST Initiate is fast for super user but takes 20 seconds for other users.
  • A Change in HF 27 causes DB Controls to fire infinitely in Form Setup.
  • Chrome Pop Up log when Integration still active on page change.
  • DB Controls give error if they fire before all other controls are loaded.
  • Page Check-out and Check-in options are available before page is loaded.
  • LL Integration running on Page change causes LES worksheet to freeze.
  • Pressing OK on "Do you wish to continue waiting" pops up over and over.
  • Missing Error Message when User Doesn't Have permissions to View Worksheet.
  • Need to Disable Page Manager during LimsLink Integration.
  • Please Wait needs to be presented without delay.
  • Issues navigating pages in View Worksheet within LES - Approve.
  • Corrupted LES Form.
  • As a user I would like to have pages automatically checked in and out in LES so I do not have to check them in and out manually.
  • Attachment control change does not clear an Accept Control.
  • The processing request doesn't disappear when opening the worksheet for the first time.
  • LES Image control needs an option to remove the borders.
  • View Worksheet in LES Finished doesn't allow proper page navigation for all users.
  • Problem behavior when a dropdown list control is bound by the STI control.
  • Test Entry Grid doesn't expand to include all columns.
  • Qualitative Specification for Dropdown Result AND editable on Sample Template.
  • Last Column for the ST Test Result Entry screen cannot be resized.
  • Sample ID not making it to the sample when initiating in Batch mode.
  • Sample Auto-Complete Doesn't work when results entered via LES.
  • Slow performance using Content Manager with a large amount of records.
  • Alerts Label should be removed from under the Administration module.
  • iLAB Hotfix v5.2.2.31 is now available through the PerkinElmer Download Center. If you do not have access to the Download Center, contact PE Support:

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