Release Announcement – Lead Discovery 8.3 and Lead Discovery Premium 2.0 released and includes Spotfire 10.10 LTS support

December 11, 2020

Lead Discovery powered by TIBCO Spotfire empowers scientific professionals to freely analyze chemistry data and create analytic applications and dashboards. It puts scientists in control, which speeds the time to insight while reducing typical technical bottlenecks to understanding data. 

Lead Discovery 8.3 is a sustaining release of Lead Discovery and was focused around updating this key package with Spotfire 10.10 LTS support and the latest version of ChemDraw.  Key aspects of this release include: 

    • Spotfire 10.10 LTS support  
    • ChemDraw 19 and 20 support  
    • Embedding of the chemistry index to make file opening faster 

Lead Discovery Premium 2.0 extends the core Lead Discovery product with new capabilities for SAR analysis, whether the “S” is small molecule Structure or large molecule Sequence.  In addition to Spotfire 10.10LTS support and significant performance enhancements, and improved biological sequence handling, the 2.0 release includes a host of new chemistry functionality, including: 

    • Matched Molecular Pair analysis data set generation and visualization, with dynamic R-group filtering. 
    • Core Decomposition Analysis with Structure Network visualization (to find activity cliffs). 
    • Chemical Neighborhood visualization to drive lead optimization. 
    • Improved biologics sequence analysis, including an annotation tool to chain multiple annotation steps together. 
    • Improved Multiparameter Optimization analysis and visualization 

Both Lead Discovery and Lead Discovery Premium are available through the PerkinElmer Operations Download Center. If you do not have access to the Download Center, contact PerkinElmer Support to assist you with sign-up. Please contact your Account Manager if you are interested in purchasing. 

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