ChemOffice Enterprise 10.0.2 Patch

November 24, 2010

There is a new ChemOffice Enterprise 10 Patch patch now available on our Support Downloads site.

COE 10.0.2 is the second in a quarterly series of patches for the COE 10 product. This patch is cumulative, so the defect fixes included in the COE 10.0.1 Patch are available in the COE 10.0.2 Patch.

This Patch release fixes many software issues that were found in COE 10 core version (details below) and adds the following features:
• ChemBioOffice 12 support
• Internet Explorer 8 support
• Windows 7 client support
• Qualification with E-Notebook Integration

System Components:
The ChemBioOffice Enterprise 10.0.2 distribution comprises the following application modules:
• COE Framework 10.0.2
• Registration Enterprise 10.0.2
• Inventory Enterprise 10.0.2
• BioSAR Enterprise 10.0.2
• InvLoader 10.0.2

This patch is limited to customers with the COE10 released version or the patched COE 10.0.1 version.

ChemOffice Enterprise 10.0.2 Patch

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