E-Notebook Oracle Enterprise Patch

March 01, 2011

There is a new E-Notebook Oracle Enterprise patch available for download. This patch is cumulative - it includes all previous patches for ELN

New in patch

a) This patch onwards, E-Notebook Patch has a single installer with the four installation options – Client installation, Server Installation, Click Once Installation & WebService Component installation

b) The standalone ChemDraw Interops installers are not required and obsolete. Patch 27.x installer updates ChemDraw interops if the ChemDraw 12 upgrade is selected during the patch installation.

c) This patch qualified with Oracle 11g R2 and Cartridge 13.

d) This patch is qualified with new installers Send2V2 & SendToEnotebookV1

e) The Standard (Std) Configuration included into this patch has some limitations. Please check Limitations section in the “ReadmeFIRST.doc”

f) The updates for the following market add-ins are included into this patch: Simple e-Sig, Sample Management, SDM, Send2V2, SendToNotebook v1. To apply the updates for the optional Add-ins please follow the general steps described in 2.1 Prerequisites in the “ReadmeFIRST.doc”

g) TableIOAddin mapping is updated: Table Import/Export Form Tool uses Nickname of Table properties instead of Table property names

E-Notebook Oracle Enterprise Patch

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