Oracle Cartridge 13.0 General Release

April 04, 2011

This update is meant for all customers of CambridgeSoft Oracle Cartridge, including those using the Oracle Cartridge as part of E-Notebook or the ChemBioOffice Enterprise suite.

This update is cumulative - it supersedes all previous updates for all previous versions of the CambridgeSoft Oracle Cartridge. It is recommended for all customers, and strongly recommended for all customers running versions of Oracle Cartridge earlier than 12.0.1.

New in update 13.0:

a) Faster indexing and searching

b) Support for non-linear reactions
Includes support for convergent, divergent, and cyclic reactions, as well as (most important for E-Notebook users) support for files containing multiple reactions or one reaction with further annotations outside the reaction

c) Integrated support of Name>Struct
(Struct>Name has been supported for several releases)

d) Amino Acid nomenclature support in Struct>Name

e) BLOB and CLOB queries

f) Ancillary operators for Similarity and Highlighting

g) Output of V3000 Molfiles and Rxnfiles

h) Greatly expanded manual (over 25% larger than 12.0)

i) Many installer enhancements including:

o Windows 64-bit native installer
o Direct support for installing onto RAC and ASM environments
o Default support for Bigfile table spaces
o User control over whether to use partitioning

If you have an active Maintenance agreement, you will be receiving a separate email from our Fulfillment department over the next few weeks with regard to downloading the new release.

Please contact your Services Representative to upgrade your Oracle Cartridge at the earliest opportunity.

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