E-Notebook Oracle Enterprise Patch

August 25, 2011

There is a new E-Notebook Oracle Enterprise patch available for download. This patch is cumulative - it includes all previous patches for ELN

New in patch

a) This patch was tested and qualified with MS Office 2010/2007.

b) The database updates provided with this patch had been consolidated into one script, run this script right after the patch installation. Refer to the following location for the script and the readme on all database updates:

...\Existing Installation Update\Patch 29\Run FIRST - Database Updates\...

c) The updated “E-Notebook Database Tuning Guide” is included to the General E-Notebook Documentation section.

d) The database enhancements were implemented to improve the Search Functionality performance.

e) Analyze Reaction Listener was improved.

f) New bug fixes.

E-Notebook Oracle Enterprise Patch

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