ChemBioOffice Enterprise 12.1.4 Patch

August 13, 2012

This CBOE 12.1.4 patch is the maintenance cumulative rollup patch providing solutions for the software defects reported for E-Notebook Core, Sample Management, Formulation, CombiChem v2, BioAssay, Sign and Close, Send2ENotebook, SDM, Simple E-Sig, External/In-Document Signature and RDLims.

This patch is for all CBOE 12.1 customers. It only has updates for E-Notebook 12.1.x, and does not provide any component updates for COE. Previously released version of COE is also available with this patch.

New in patch 12.1.4:

1. Qualified with Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.3.3/10.1.3, Reader 10.1.3, and the latest MS Office Service Packs:
•    Office 2003 SP3
•    Office 2007 SP3
•    Office 2010 SP1
2. New SDM installer (only for fresh installation).
3. New Send2ENotebook installer for ClickOnce.
4. The workflow and user interface for Simple E-Signature made similar to Standard E-Signature.
5. E-Notebook supports Macro files within MS Office sections, and provides an option for removing Macros from MS Office sections. MS Office sections also have a feature to run macros from other active documents, or even from other opened files outside the E-Notebook.
6. The "Transition" button in the toolbar menu now shows only Transitions, not Commands.
7. EN-Formulation: User can add a step between the existing steps in the "Add Material" form tool.
8. EN-BioAssay: This patch installer conditionally updates BioAssay files during installation.
9. E-Notebook provides the details of the user who created or modified the Sticky Note.
10. EN-LTA/ESigs: “Notes Prohibited Add-in” prompts to remove Notes before rendering.
11. New bug fixes.

ChemBioOffice Enterprise 12.1.4 Patch

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