GeneSifter - Lab Edition: Patch release 3.20.4

April 26, 2013

A patch release to GeneSifter Lab Edition is scheduled for release on Friday April 26th, 2013. This release addresses the following issues.

  • 3807 Create section detailing which reactions are associated with a given template on Template details page.
  • 3783 Template workflow field is saving primer picker info before "Save" button is clicked.
  • 3757 Adding inventory items via API is not posting to database.
  • 3751 Sort order for workset is not maintained when the "Enter Next Workflow" button is used to advance the workflow from one transition to the next.
  • 3716 Template type schematic hotlinks don't migrate correctly on page scroll.
  • 3715 Template type picker does not display existing derivable template types.
  • 3714 Templates improperly duplicated when entering next workflow via pulldown at bottom of workset view.
  • 3712 Timestamp function for email not formatted correctly. Some clients (Thunderbird) may show a receive time approximately 12 hours off.
  • 3705 Portals not displaying in proper order in recent Chrome web browser releases.
  • 3704 Primer update over API does not work - falls back on create.
  • 3666 Charge code descriptions are not displaying during order creation on purchasing information page.
  • 3573 Automatic 454 run reports are not generating.

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