ChemBioOffice Enterprise 12.5.3 Service Release

October 11, 2013

PerkinElmer Informatics is pleased to announce that the ChemBioOffice Enterprise 12.5.3 Service Release is now available.

This CBOE 12.5.3 service release is a maintenance cumulative roll-up release, which primarily focuses on improving quality, stability and performance; provides selected enhancements; and addresses software issues reported for Registration, Data Loader, ChemInventory, InvLoader, DataView Manager, ChemBioViz .Net Client, CBV for Excel Add-in, DocManager and CBOE E-Notebook Integration or any other CBOE suite applications.

CBOE 12.5.3 is a service release applicable to all customers with CBOE 12.1.x or CBOE 12.5.x systems. Qualification of this release was completed with E-Notebook 12.1.6 only.

Highlights of this service release include:
•    Improved performance, stability, and quality
•    Improvements to DataView Manager and ChemBioViz to support Spotfire™ and Datalytix™ integration
•    Improved structure normalisation in Registration
•    Enhanced structure exporting to SDfiles from Inventory and ChemBioViz
•    Added child data filtering capabilities in ChemBioViz
•    Improved speed and capacity of daughter plate creation in Inventory
•    Enhanced Global Search function in Inventory
•    Fixed plate loading issue in InvLoader using Registration ID’s
•    Over 100 known issues resolved

This release can be downloaded from our Enterprise Support Downloads page.

ChemBioOffice Enterprise 12.5.3 Service Release

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