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May 28, 2020


How can I add tags to experiments in Signals Notebook?


There are different ways to create experiment tags from a list of values, e.g. Color can be Red/Green/Blue/etc.

For example, it can be accomplished by using Attributes or Autotext.


1. Create an Attribute list (e.g. "Colors") as described in the System Configuration Guide -> Attributes -> List -> name it "Colors" -> define list values as 'Red', 'Green', 'Blue'.
2. In your experiment template -> Fields -> Add New Field -> Attribute -> choose the "Colors" list.

In a new experiment created from this template, you will be able to add one value from Colors into that field. If you want multiple colors per experiment, you can create more fields (e.g. "Color-1", "Color-2") and assign the same Attribute list to each field. Now Color-1 can be set to 'Red', and Color-2 can be 'Blue'.


1. Create an Autotext list (e.g. "Colors") with multiple values.
2. Create a text field (e.g. "Metadata") in experiment.
3. Use autotext to populate the Metadata field with multiple values from the Colors list.

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