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September 15, 2020


How to get data out of Signals Notebook Standard Edition after user left the organization?


Basically, there are two options to extract data out of Signals Notebook. You can export a notebook via zip file, which contains PDFs of this notebook and its experiments. Or you can extract experiments in JSON or via PDF by utilizing our API.

Any user can export his/her notebook to zip file, as explained in our User Guide -> Creating a Notebook -> Exporting Notebooks to ZIP. If a user has left, tenant admin can delete a user, and transfer user's resources to another owner. This is described in our System Configuration Guide -> Users -> Deleting Users. Alternatively, tenant admin can go to System Configuration -> Security Policy, and write a security policy to read everyone's data without the need to reassign the data ownership. For more information, please refer to System Configuration Guide -> System Security Policy (and Policy Examples).

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