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January 04, 2021


Why is the “Screen Name” list empty when attempting to submit a “Columbus Transfer” from within Harmony?



Empty “Screen Name” list when attempting to submit a “Columbus Transfer” from within Harmony.


Columbus Transfer jobs are configured to use a specific Columbus user account.  See page 4 of the PDF linked to in following technical note for further information:

If the “Screen Name” list is empty within Harmony, it’s likely that the Columbus user account that is being used to submit the transfer has no pre-existing Screens within Columbus.

Harmony can only transfer data into a pre-existing Screen within Columbus.


Manually create a new screen (i.e. top-level folder) from within the Columbus user interface.

  • Log in to the Columbus interface using user account that is used for the Harmony “Columbus Transfer” jobs
  • Select the Browse view
  • Click on the “New Screen” icon to create a new screen folder

The newly created screen should now be visible in the “Screen Name” list within Harmony.

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