Release Announcement - E-Notebook Release 19.1.1

June 16, 2020

PerkinElmer Informatics is thrilled to announce the release of E‑Notebook 19.1.1. This release includes the latest qualifications with patches of Adobe Acrobat DC (Classic and Continuous tracks) and Adobe Acrobat 2017, CDAX 19.1, Oracle 19c, Oracle Cartridge 19.0, Windows Server 2019, RHEL Server 7, JCHEM Cartridge, latest version of Reaxys and CBOE 19.1.1 integration.

Note for existing installations: It is important to know that applying E-Notebook 19.1.1 to existing installations of E-Notebook 2014.x, 17.x, 18.x and 19.x is an upgrade, NOT a migration.

E-Notebook 19.1.1 new Features include:

* Support for Oracle 19c
* Support for CDAX
* CBOE 19.1.1 Integration
* Support for latest version of Reaxys
* Adobe Acrobat DC (Classic and Continuous)
* Support for Adobe Acrobat 2017
* Oracle Cartridge 19.0*
* Support for JCHEM Cartridge 20.10
* Windows Sever 2019
* RHEL Server 7.7
* Improvements to Core

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